Thyroid during pregnancy

Patient: Hi,My wife is pregnant and will complete her three months on 3rd Feb 2012 according to LMP. Her doctor recently advised to do TSH test and it came out to be 7.7, which is considered high in pregnancy. She put her on following drugs She started taking them from 24th Jan 2012Eltroxin 50mgEuthyrox 25mgDoc further advised for Free T3 and T4 and antithyroid peroxidase whose readings are as followsT3 2.77T4 1.02Antithyroid peroxidase 0.45Could you please tell me effect of this thyroid on fetusHistory: Keeping in view she never had any thyroid problem. During her first pregnancy she didnt have any thyroid disorder. This time she is having more fatigue, palpitation, and acute headache.