Till now i am not getting my periods..am i pregnant?

Patient: Hello sir.. I am sakthi..not married.. I had my last periods on September 30,2014..I had sex with my boy friend on October 30,2014…till now I am not getting periods

Symptoms: No pregnancy symptoms …home pregnancy test result also negative

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have not got your cycles from past 3 months and having no symptoms suggestive of pregnancy, the tests also being negative for the same, there is very little doubt that you could be pregnant.Yet to be on the safer side consult a gynecologist and get an ultrasound done to rule out pregnancy, it will also help in ruling out if you have any polycystic ovaries or a uterine pathology which could be the cause of irregular cycles .You will have to get a few investigations like blood and urine tests, blood sugar , lipid profile, thyroid and prolactin hormone tests to rule out specific causes like thyroid disorders, hyperprolactinemia and anemia which are common causes of irregular cycles .According to the reports and examination you will be treated accordingly to resume your cycles.Hope you do not have a lot of stress in your daily life, it could also be a cause for the delay in cycle.Have a nutritious healthy diet and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.Hope this helpedRegards