Timing of Home Pregnancy Test Kits

Patient: I think I may be experiencing implantation bleeding- sex a week ago today and startd a dark brown spotting thurs or fri, how soon can I take a pregnancy test and expect a real answer?

Doctor: The more important detail is the last menstrual period (first day of the previous period). If you can remember the date, or at least week of the month, count 5-6 weeks from there. If you don’t have your usual period (usual amount and usual duration), you may do a home pregnancy test. Do this early morning (first morning urine right after waking) up because it is most concentrated. In your case, you may wait 1-2 weeks for your period to appear. If it doesn’t, do a pregnancy test. All home kits are not 100% accurate. If it turns out positive, a more reliable blood pregnancy test, or better yet, an ultrasound, can confirm pregnancy. I do hope I have answered your question. Take care.