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Tingling feeling of tip of urethra

Patient: My urethra still seems sore after treatment for urethritis. Ejaculation feels different and so does urinating. After I ejaculate or have sex, the tip of the urethra feels tingly. I was told that this could just be the impact the infection had on the urethra causing it much strain. I was treated with antibiotics and tested after for any signs of infection. Everything was negative. What could this tingling feeling be from?



Symptoms: Tingling feeling in urethra



Doctor: Hello,The sensitivity of the urethra can remain for 2 weeks or so after the infection has been treated. If the tingli ng is still present then it is likely that you are hypersensitive to the sensation and been over cautious. I don’t think there is any reason to worry if your urine culture tests have been negative.I hope I have answered your query,regards

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Patient: Thank you very much.

Patient: I am worried because the feeling seems to be lasting for more than a day now. Could this all be in my mind? I am paying attention to any infection symptoms.

Doctor: Its need not worry at all.Once tge tests are negative,a recurrence cannot occur so easily either and the tingling as i said can be for 2 wewks or so and it is more likely psychological.


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