Tinnitus, tingling in legs and neck pain/ headache

Patient: Hello. I’m a 26-old woman. Since October I’ve been having tinnitus (it started with subtle ringing in my left ear, then a strange whirr joined in) and vibrating/tingling sensation in my legs (mostly under my thighs, sometimes even in my heels). I noticed that the whirring in my ears gets worse at night – I can hear the whirring, ringing and a a bit quieter high sounds all at once. For about a month those symptoms seem to have quietened a bit, but I’ve got delicate headaches and neck pain almost every day (I’m not sure whether it’s my head or neck). They last a few seconds or minutes and they go- a few times a day. Sometimes I also feel pain in my loins when I bend. I went to a neuroligist, but he’s not sure what the problem is – my hearing is ok (checked, only down to 40 db at the two highest freqencies in both ears, the rest 5-15 db), my eeg is ok. MRI of my neck and loins says that my C-4-C7 discs and L1 are bulging slightly into the spinal cord’s canal, but the neurologist said it couldn’t cause my symptoms. What might be the problem? What doctor should I visit? Thank you in advance for any advice.

Symptoms: Tinnitus, headache, neck pain, pain in loins

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a type of tumour. This is one possibility but I cannot confirm thi s without an examination or without any scans. I think an MRI needs to be done to figure out the cause.If you have a tumour of the 8th nerve or of the nerves, you could present with the symptoms you have. The tumour is compressing the auditory nerve and making it seem like there is a ringing sound in the ears.See a Neurologist to help you and tell him my suggestion. If he says it is unlikely, rewrite to us by adding in his/her inputs.Hope this helps.