Tiny black hair bundled into circle, inside my semen?

Patient: I am 18 years old and male.I was masturbating into a condom and afterwards I noticed that inside my semen was something black. Upon closer inspection It looked like a really tiny strand of black hair bundled into the shape of a circle.I’m very concerned and worried please help. This is the first time its happen and I am having a nervous breakdown.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The most probable reason I can think of is that the hair actuall y got into the condom when you were applying it. Anyone who is applying condom for masturbation can not be cautious to see what actually happened.I have never heard of such incidence and there is no chance of having such a hair or hair-like thing in the semen. So stop worrying. This can not be serious matter at all and most probably is the reason as I mentioned above.I would advise you to be observant next time. If this happens again, consult a Urologist and preserve the sample and send it for testing.I hope this answers your query.