Tiny, flesh-colored bumps on perineal area

Patient: I have a significant number (20+) of tiny, flesh-colored bumps in the perineal area between my scrotum and anus. They do not itch and I only noticed them by accident recently. I do not know how long they have been there. I am very concerned that these could be something related to an STD. Are these genital warts? Could they be something else?

Symptoms: Tiny, flesh-colored bumps; perhaps slight itching, but that might just be in my head since I’ve noticed the bumps

Doctor: Thanks for your question.There could be sexual as well as non-sexual causes these bumps: They could be scabies, mollu scum, genital warts, candida, pediculosis, lichen planus and psoriasis.So kindly see a dermatologist for further management.Hope this helps.