Tiny red dots in patches on my leg

Patient: I am a 19 yrs old college student and about a month ago I have discovered a red patch on my left leg. It looked as it also had tiny little red dots of bloodshots within the patch itself. Now I have it all over my legs, thigs, behind my knees and on my left foot. I went to my doctor a week ago and was told it is a fungal infection and received daktacort cream as a treatment. Unfortunately the cream didnt help and still wont. I have also tried Hydrocortisyl and Betnovate ointment with no success. Please help me!Thank you,Mary

Symptoms: Red pathces on both of my legs. Nearly at the exact same position on both of my legs.

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Doctor: Fungal infection is one of the commonest cause of such itchy skin lesions. However, other conditions like, Drug hypersen sitivity (Erythema multiforme), Gluten sensitivity (Dermatitis Herpetiformis), Psoriasis, etc. may also produce symmetrical skin lesions on different parts of the body. You are advised to visit a Dermatologist to get a skin biopsy of the lesion done, to establish a diagnosis and to plan further management.