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Kids are picky eaters. Regardless of their ages, they are always a handful on the dinner table (and the bedrooms, and the bathrooms, I could go on and on). If you are a mother, you can relate. Amongst the other gazillion things you do for them, you must take care of their health. Many things play a part in this, such as whether or not they are getting enough sleep, how much time they spend playing outdoors and how much they are eating and of what. To begin, here are some tips of helping kids have a healthy life:

• Control their diets.

Of course, being their mother, one of the things in your immediate control is their diet. Since you spend half (or all) of your day in the kitchen, you must try to cook healthy meals as often as you can, whether you think the kids will like it or not. Meals filled with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and dairy are all beneficial if they portions are controlled and food groups are managed. Beware that there is a fair chance your child might not like the vegetables that show up on his/her plate. But, don’t let that stop you. Keep offering them anyway. Studies reveal that the more kids are exposed to a food, the more likely they are to try it. And of course, keep junk foods to a minimum.

• Watch their water intake.

Children prefer soft drinks and sugary juices over water. Discourage this. This does not only apply to children. Human beings, no matter what their age, must take enough water during their day to stay hydrated and healthy.

• Make sure your children get a lot of exercise.

Enlisting in group activities, karate, tumbling, or swimming lessons guarantee consistent activity. Lazy children are unhealthy children who grow up to be lazy and unhealthy adults. Terrifying, isn’t it?

• Promote good personal habits.

Teach your children to always wash hands after using the restroom, before eating, before assisting with food, and after cleaning their nose. Instill chores, schedules, a regular bedtime, and rewards with proper discipline.

Ever given it a thought that, how can a child’s curiosity be treated in a way which makes it healthier for them? If not, then here’s a little tip for new mommies. Asking your little ones to do a task and promising them a candy or chocolate can sound attractive to them. However, it surely isn’t right for their teeth and it might leave them with a constant craving for sweets. Instead, try making fruits special for them. Good presentation of food is a trick of attracting attention towards it, so why not try it with fruits and vegetables. When it’s related to the matter of your children’s health, then there’s no harm in trying.

Another important thing which shouldn’t be ignored is alchoal and substance abus. This includes drugs. Yes, drugs. Alcohol, cigarettes, and all such things falling in the same category need to be avoided by YOU if you want it not to harm your children. Why? Because you are whom they learn from. It is only you who can set the best example for your child. Whether it be through nutrition, exercise, routine and your love, you are who they will always look up to.

Now, it’s time to mention the doctor. Take them for check-up on a regular basis, even if they seem fine to you. A check-up never hurts and a fever can sometimes be a curse. Always look out for their health.

Lastly, let’s leave off three important aspects of maintaining your child’s health.

1. Good nutrition is the premise of wellbeing and inspires other healthy lifestyle choices.
2. The best of times to establish good health and nutritional habits is during childhood.
3. Parental involvement is the key to getting children to adopt good health habits.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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