Tips On Conception After 3 Years of Marriage and PCOS

Patient: Hellow doctor, i am married 3 years. i am trying to get a pregnant for the past 3 years.i have a problem of irregular periods(PCOS) and hyper thyroidism. By only taking a medicine (GLYCOMET 500MG thrice a day) i ge tting my period regular with 31-32 days husband took a surgery for VERICOCEL on 8th dec 2009.Then we have no contact for one month.After that we have a contact on the date of 12 to the date of 20th (febr) i also took a tablet LETROZ 2.5mg,FOLIC ACID & M2TONE with doctor i have a little stomach pain too for coming menses.please tell me there is a posibilities to get a positive results. And also tell me when i getting MICROGEST(MICRONISED PRGESTERONE) tablet. i already use the tablet (twice a day) from 22nd onwards, is this correct or not?

Doctor: I understand your concern about getting pregnant with PCOS and Hyperthyroidism. Certainly you have been explained that P COS carries some increase chances of infertility, I am not saying that you are not able to get pregnant, in fact PCOS sufferers do get pregnant relatively easily in some cases. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism usually improves in pregnancy states.It appears to me that you have already been well assisted for your pre-conception state. Because of the relation between insulin resistance and PCOS, taking Glycomet will help you in preventing the development of Gestational diabetes when you’ll become pregnant.  Letroz intake will help ovulate and there will be a small variation in ovulation period when you are taking these types of ovulation stimulants. This will increase the chance of getting pregnant since ovulation is happening.Folic acid is very important for your future pregnancy especially with the development of your child’s nervous system and it is recommended to start taking it even up to 3 months before getting pregnant, other vitamins/minerals and iron are also very important.And finally Microgest, I am positive that your doctor prescribed you this drug to favor the implantation and prevent miscarriages which are related to PCOS. It looks that the dosage that you are taking is the correct; however you should confirm this with the doctor who prescribed it.I can’t tell whether you will become pregnant soon or not, it looks that you are on the right path but I suggest you to comply with your medications and controls during you pre natal state to increase the chance and accomplish a successful pregnancy. I wish you the best.

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Guest: Hi , My wife and i have been trying to have babies for over 3 years now but its not happening. The problem is that she usually have heat splashes I.e She feels hot and cold amost immediately. The other issue is that her Menstrual cycle is very irregular at times once in a year or once in six months. We have done a lot of test with our fertility Doctor without result. What next do we do?