Tired all the time – a common symptom of anaemia

Patient: I have been tired and going to sleep a lot lately,evey time i sit or lay down i fall asleep.I could have a conversation with someone then i could just fall asleep.I do not know why i am tired so much.Do you have any idea what my problem is or why i dont have enough energy?And i have gone to bed early,and i still be tired the next day.

Doctor: Being tired all the time can often be a symptom of anaemia. Iron deficiency anaemia can be common in young females due t o blood loss during menstruation. If you have a history of diabetes and thyroid disorder, you may be at risk of developing pernicious anaemia, an auto-immune disorder that can be linked with both conditions. I would advise attending your family doctor for a full history and clinical examination. He can perform a few simple blood tests including complete blood count, iron studies and vitamin B12 levels to help reach a definitive diagnosis.