Tiredness after laparoscopic hysterectomy

Patient: I had a hysterectomy the Laparoscopy procedure Aug 8 2011, i was released to go back to work after 4 weeks. My job is sitting but i have to get up and down a lot and some walking, so needless to say I was out for some days after I went back. In the last couple of weeks I have had some events that I was really moving a lot and I get home and I’m worn out. I went to see my dr on oct 4, 2011 and he says I’m fine to do what ever. Its now 8 weeks since and im still tired alot. I’m an event planner on the weekend and I do a lot of moivng around on the then besides my weekly job. Do you think I’m doing too much or am I really ok. sometimes I’m not sure.

Doctor: Its been more than 8 weeks since your laparoscopic hysterectomy, This is adequate time to recover from such a procedure assuming there were no complications. You should have no difficulty going about your normal activities including everything you were able to do prior to surgery. Your tiredness may be related to your blood count. Chronic fatigue and weakness are often signs of a low blood count. You should see your primary physician and explain your current symptoms. I am certain he/she will order a full blood count as part of your assessment.