Tissue discharge with IUD

Patient: I have the Skyla IUD. I have not had a period since I got the IUD 8 months ago but I spotted every so often. I haven’t spotted for a few months now. I began spotting a dark reddish brown color yesterday and there were pieces of tissue coming out of my vagina today. What is this tissue from?

Symptoms: Tissue in vaginal discharge, spotting, cramping

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The tissue that was coming out through your vagina could mean collected blood which was associated with spotting as a side effect of the hormone IUD. It may also mean an early abortion or a pregnancy due to failure of the contraception. Sometimes pelvic infections may present in such ways with abnormal dischargeKindly consult a gynecologist soon and get yourself examined. The doctor may suggest an ultrasound as well to look into the uterus and the device, if in situ or has got displaced. You may need removal of the device or an additional hormonal support and antibiotics if needed.Hope this helped.Regards,