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To make my story short, I have severe shortness of

Patient: To make my story short, I have severe shortness of breathe as well as feeling faint. Also, I have been having leg cramps and spasms. I was admitted into the hospital two days ago and had two chest X-rays as well as a Doppler on my legs to check for DVT, PE, or any other reason as to why my lungs are in such pain. I have also had a terrible sinus infection in the past month that was not fully treated. I have had severe stomach pains along with a lot of mucous in my stool as well as some blood. I have had two ct scans, one of belly and one of head. The head scan detected my sinus infection. The belly scan detected nothing. I am unsure of where to turn and have a week until my doctor appointment. Please help!!!



Symptoms: Shortness of breath, feeling faint, stomach pains, headaches, lung pain (sharp) in back and front upper chest.



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You have severe shortness of breath, chest pain, and you feel like fainting. You got the chest x-rays done and I will request you to let me know the findings in the follow-up. The other symptoms do warrant an investigation for DVT, so I guess that has been ruled out?Such chest pain can be due to either pulmonary/ cardiac problem. Various restrictive lung diseases or minor undetected valvular heart disease can present with similar problems. Hence, it is important you get an ECG along with an x-ray or CT Thorax is the best diagnostic modality. The sinus infection, still has not cleared up, and that also keeps providing a nidus of infection through post-nasal drip. The faint feeling could be due to an underlying infection.Severe stomach pain, and mucous in stool indicates a stomach infection, and it could be either from a bacterial infection or a parasite. Mostly, parasites or worms cause mucus in the stool along with abdominal pain. So, I will advise you to take Tab. Albendazole 400 mg, single dose under the care of your physician. If it still does not resolve, a stool test will help towards the diagnosis.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Abdominal ct scan came back clear, both chest X-rays came back clear. Lots of blood work done to check the valves of my heart and they found nothing. Both chest X-rays were perfect. No inflammation, no clots, no fluid. The Doppler on my legs came bank negative as well. No signs of dvt or PE at all. Could this be possible anemia or diabetes? I am not sure if they did a CBC or not. I did get injected with a blood thinner for preventative measures. When I breathe, it hurts. I can’t see my doctor for another week and I don’t know how much more I can take. I have made several ER trips in the past month and I feel as if I’m wasting their time. It’s hard to tell what warrants an emergency or non emergency when I’ve had testing but my breathing is not improving. I feel I am at my wits end and death will surely be my ultimate symptom. Everything I’ve read online seems to put me in more of a panic. Any reassure would be great.

Doctor: Hello,
The good news is all the tests came back normal.
If the chest x-rays and abdominal scans are normal, it rules out any major disease.
You can take the medicine prescribed for worm infestation.
Get your stool examined too.
Also, I will advise you a course of Montelukast 10 mg once daily at bedtime. Let me know if it improves the SOB.


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