Today, I felt a pinching sensation in my

Patient: Today, I felt a pinching sensation in my stomach as though it was from the inside of my actual stomach. Sharp & painful, as though someone had a pin & was poking me a little from the inside in one single spot. Each pinch lasted a second or so & I had felt atleast 8-10 pinches. This is the first time it has happened. Ive also had 2 random sudden bouts of nausea where ive had to drink water to stop myself from vomiting. Today was one of the & the first time was maybe 2 weeks ago.Both times, it was like someone turned on a switch & the feeling was gone a few minutes after I would drink water. The last time I had sex was atleast 2-3 weeks (not entirely sure) before my period & we used protection. The weird thing is, neither of us orgasmed. We didnt get to finish as funny as it sounds. We’ve tried to have sex but have never been able to “finish” & we have used a condom everytime so im wondering if theres any chance that I may be pregnant even though I started menstruating today. (12th). Also, I had a little brownish blood on the 10th & 11th.

Symptoms: brownish blood for 2 days before actual blood flow of period, random bouts of nausea, pinching in abdomen & slight lethargy