Today my grandma suddenly blacked out for an hour and

Patient: Today my grandma suddenly blacked out for an hour and when she was out of it she was acting strange kept asking if I was real and where she was she forgot what everything was so I checked her blood suger it was 85 within a normal range but she had forgotten that she even had diabetics and then all of a sudden she was back to her old self after we called 911 they said it was just blood sugar but I know it’s not because she never did this when her sugar dropped then she tells me all she can rember was being surrounded by tvs with people telling her what todo witch explains why she kept asking if I was really there idk what happened to her I need help

Symptoms: Confusion, blackouts, change in behavior, hallucinations

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD, thank you for the query.I think the reason behind blackout, hallucination and change in be havior is not low blood sugar. Symptoms of hypoglycemia usually manifests when the blood sugar level is below 70mg/dl.Considering her old age, you should consult a physician in person to assess the cause for such a panic attack.Please do see if she was under some kind of stress,older people tend to express their anxiety in the form of somatic disorders.Intoxication, excessive caffeine use,medicine side effect,depression, post traumatic stress disorder and even vitamin b3 deficiency may be the reason for such an episode.Hope this helps, all the best.