August 17, 2018

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Toddler with pale skin, discolored stool, no appetite. What should I do?

Patient: My toddler is 20 months, and he is quite a big boy with a very good general health. He is 86 cm tall and has 15kg. He is still breastfed. Now he is not feeling weel.All started 11 days ago. For 2 days he had a runny nose and a cough once in a while. I used saline nasal spray – what is usually works great – to clean his nose. Aftertwo days, in the morning when he woke up he started coughing and he vomited (more like spit up), I thought it was because of the stuffy nose. During that day he seemedfine, he played like usual. In the evening he started to get low fever (37,7-37,8 C), but didn’t seem to bother him, so it was OK. I tought it is just a cold thatwill pass in a few days. During that night the fever raised at 38,5 C. He started to feel very sick, he kept asking for wather and breast milk. I made sure that he iswell hydrated for not having any complication. I gave him a acetaminophen suppository and in almost 30 min the fever was all gone. But the vomiting not. He woke upcoughing and vomiting (still more like spit ups, not projective ones). This kind of vomiting repetead for almost 3 days, for about 5-8 times per day. The afternoon napwas way shorter and he seemed sleepy most of the time. He didn’t had diarrhea, but he had some loose, discolored stool once a day. The on/off mild fever lasted for 2and a half days. I tried to give him Pediatric Electrolyte, but he didn’t like it and spit it up. I managed to convince him to drink 5ml at 10-15 min but that didn’tlast long and he refused it again. I tried the flavoured electrolyte, the freeze pops but he still refused it. Just one taste and that’s all. Only wanted water andbreast milk. He drank a lot of water and more breast milk than usual. So, after 5 days of cold like symptoms he seemed to be a lot better, but still pale. He isresting better in the afternoon nap (like usual) and sleeps peacefully through the night. Now he is still refusing to eat. I tried everything that he adored to eatbefore. Yesterday he had a few spoons of smashed potatoes, 2-3 bites of a banana, 5-6 bunches of grapes, a few spoones of simple yoghurt and that’s all. Still wants todrink a lot of water and breast milk. He seems that he lost weight, his skin looks pale, his eyes look like he is tired. Until yesterday evening, he didn’t had a stoolfor 3 days. And the stool from yesterday was pretty hard and still discolored. I don’t know if it has any relevance, but he started daycare (2hours/day) one weekbefore all these started – no kid at daycare had anything like this. What do you think he might have? What should I do? We don’t have a family doctor here(we moved in Montreal 2 months ago) and I want to know if it is necessary and where I should take him to be seen by someone. Thank you!



Symptoms: coughing, discolored stool, pale skin, no appetite, the need to drink a lot of water





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