Toe joint dislocation and tingling sensation.

Patient: I am 26 year old female and having some issues with my toes, well one in particular. For a few years now the toe next to my big toe on my left foot has been what appears to be coming out of place. This has only happened a few time when i apply pressure to something with my toes, the toe seems to lock at the joint and stick out back far behind my others toes and i am unable to put my foot down. It is not very painful but is very uncomfortable and makes me panic incase it doesnt go back in. It last happened about 1 week ago and for a few minutes this time, it did go back in on its own and i just gently held my foot as i didnt know what else to do. Since then I have been constantly experiencing a slight tingling in all but my big and little toes on my left foot. There is no swelling or bruising and then colour of my toes is fine just like my other foot, but the tingling sensation has been worrying me as it is not bad but i know its there and gets worse if i have been walking for a while. I work full time so have not been able to get it checked out and I am wondering if this sounds like maybe a spasm and nothing serious or if you would reccoment that it is further looked into. many thanks Charlotte

Doctor: Some persons have what is called Hypermobile joints; this might be your case. In this particular condition the joints m move beyond their expected and normal range with any effort. This is considered a benign condition in most of the case, but in few cases may be a feature of rare diseases, one called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the other: Marfan Syndrome. The treatment is basically physical therapy aimed to teach you movement re-education that involves improving postural control and alignment, joint position sense and balance. Maintain more neutral joint positions in order to prevent ligament strains and a customized exercise routine to improve strength and endurance so you can keep good physical fitness. On the other part of your question, there are multiple causes of tingling and numbness of the extremities (hands and feet): vitamin deficiencies (Vitamin B12), nerve compressions at the level of the spine, problems with the peripheral nerves of hands and feet, and metabolic causes as problems with the Thyroid gland and Diabetes. Once that your physician ruled out the nerve compression at the level of the lumbar spine, vitamin deficiency, and thyroid problems, might be important to rule out some other metabolic causes as Diabetes, which can produce the symptoms that you described above.