Too early for pregnancy test ?

Patient: Hello doctor,my last period started on 24.09. so I calculated my fertile days would be between 10-14 of October. After that I had unprotected sex on 22nd of October. I have done the pregnancy test using the first morning urine on the 26th and it showed negative. However, my cycle is usually regular and I still haven’t got my period. I have been under stress a lot these days because of this and I reckon this might be the problem why its late(even though it is not late that much). However, I feel my breasts have grown larger and I feel some pain. But I don’t feel any cramps or pain in the stomach (even though my period is due, or I might be pregnant I still don’t feel it) I know I should ask only one question but I need to ask if I have done the test to early? When should I repeat it and is it too soon to feel the symptoms of pregnancy (breast pain)? Kind regards