Too early to tell?

Patient: I had my Mirena IUD removed last week and had unprotected sex about a week before that. I bled minimally the remainder of the day of removal and half the following day. I have not had any period or bleeding since. We decided to try to conceive and the last time we had sex was 4 days ago. I am exhausted, nauseas, vomitted once, my dinner completely turned my stomach with one bite, headaches, dizziness, very sore lower back, abdominal cramps and I have been bloated to the point where my clothes are very tight. Is this too soon to be pregnant from the last time we had sex or could I be pregnant from having sex before the Mirena removal? Are these effects of removing the Mirena? I have not had a period to know when to test and so far 2 have been negative- 1 at Mirena removal and 1 today.