Too many Supplements to be taken with my protein shake

Patient: Hi, Im a 21 year old male, im 5″10 and weigh around 140lbs. I have recently purchased a range of supplements and am looking to include them in my daily protein shake ad would like to know if it is safe to include them all in my shake. Im looking to make 2 20ounce unflavoured whey concentrate protein shakes a day, and include cocoa powder and other sweeteners to give it some flavour, hemp seed, flax seed and chia seed. Then i would like to add my supplements which are chromium, magnesium, i would also like to include choline inositol and piracetam, oh and a bannana haha. I know it seems like a lot to put into a shake but i can spread them out into 2 shakes a day. Im not sure what dosage of each i should include into my shake but im thinking of adding half of the reccommended amount of each, or would it be fine to put the normal dosage of everything? Anyway i would very much appreciate a reply, thanks.

Doctor: It is not recommended to mix too many supplements mostly because they may interfere with each other in the absorption pr ocess, in the expected action and also because simply is not safe. Always take them in the way instructed by the manufacturer in the label, check it for dosage and frequency to avoid overdose and other collateral effects.For example, Piracetam may cause depression, nervousness, agitation and anxiety when the dosage is not right, piracetam has been used as a treatment for alcohol withdrawal, alcoholism, head injuries, learning disorders, vertigo, dyslexia, post-traumatic vertigo and coma, nonetheless, check with your health care provider before supplementing with piracetam.You mentioned that you plan to take choline inositol, this compound has basically the same effect as piracetam in the Central nervous system, and why take two drugs that do the same? I think that is not the quantity (how many) supplement you take but more important is how to combine them to get the best result. Then, you can combine the whey protein with cocoa, flax seed, not sure of additional benefits adding hemp seed and chia seed. Choline and inositol are two key nutrients beneficial to fat metabolism. Both nutrients work together to reduce fat into smaller particles so they are easier to remove. This helps reduce fatty build up in your organs, especially the liver. Choline contains phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, precursors to intracellular messenger molecules. This makes choline beneficial to proper cell signaling. For example, your central nervous system depends heavily on cell signaling to promote CNS balance. If cells are over-firing, your central nervous system receives messages to release chemicals to reduce stimulation. This makes choline beneficial to nervous system health.