Took an accidental 2nd dose of Adderall 30mg

Patient: Hi, I accidentally took my ADD medication twice in one day. My ADD medication is D-AMPHETAMINE SALT COM XR 30MG CAPS, or also know as ADDERALL XR 30 MG. First pill taken at 10:30am and the second around 7:00pm this evening. I was rushing out the door and grabbed the wrong pill box, which then I took the wrong pill as well. I can’t reach my parents or my family doctor, I have never taken this medication twice in one day and I am kind of freaking out. I’m 16 years old, weight 119 pound, and my height is 5’7.What should I do? Please help

Symptoms: Pain in the back of my skull, right were my neck and head meet.
Leg has gone numb around 2 times
Nauseated, sick feeling in the back of my throat