Took meprate and found pregnancy positive.

Patient: I am 28 years and 9 months old. I have a 4 and half year daughter.I had period problems since august 2014, which is when we had decided to try for 2nd pregnancy. I took meprate in October2014 and took out the period. Later as i did not get periods in november and december, i did apregnancy test on 13th dec and saw that it was negative. So on 28-29-30 december i took meprate for 3 days(thrice daily). When i did’nt get periods inspite of taking meprate, i checked and got a positive preganancy test.i was 7 weeks pregnant on 16th jan 2015! I am happy and worried at the same time . My questions are:- Will meprate cause any harm to foetus/baby- When did i actually conceive? why was the test negative on 13th december?- My doc gave me an hcg injection. i took it just once. is it safe? i don’t want to take i never took it during my 1st pregnanacy




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Meprate belongs to category X drugs in pregnancy according to FDA, means there is possibility of fetal abnormalities.The expected minor anomalies are hypospadiasis in male babies and clitoromegaly and labial fusion in female babies.But there are no well established studies on it.As you used tablets for short period of time there may not be any major problem.According to your test report, possibly you might have conceived after first week of December.Urine pregnancy test cannot detect very early pregnancy.If there is clear indication, HCG injection can be taken in early pregnancy.Depending on the progression of pregnancy continuation of injection doses can be decided.Take care.

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