Took wrong birth control pill

Patient: I’m currently taking Tri-Sprintec. I started my new pack on Saturday, however, instead of taking the first of the week one pills, I accidentally took one of the week three pills. I also took yesterday’s pill about 20 hours late. I just realized that I switched up the pills. I was sexually active since I started the new pack but not since I took yesterday’s pill late. Should I be worried and should I use a back up method until I start my next pack?

Doctor: Hello,It is indeed advisable that you leave the pack and practice barrier contraception for this cycle and start a fr esh pack from day 2 of your next cycle. The sequence is messed up with this pack and delay in consumption as well which would not offer protection during this cycle.So omit the pack.I hope i have answered your query in detail, wishing you good health,regards