I have been going through a very bad acne so doctor suggested me to use faceclin and its working as well but the spots which are left after the acne heals are not fading at all along side i use sef...

I have a zit like feature on the side of my penis, I squeezed it an white stuff came out an blood but didn't hurt, should I be worried? it was a size of eraser on a pencil

I Got A lot Of Red Bumps And Like One Popped And Now It's Like A Dent And A lot Of Red Spots On My Chest.

Hello, I am having issues with my lymph nodes. Two specifically have been enlarged for a month- the first one on the left side of my neck and the other is right where my right cheek meets my ear. I...

I applied elocom cream to my irritated spots on my face, and now i've seen that it has bleached/lightened the areas i have used it on. Really need advice on what to do

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