I accidentally used what I thought was a clean tissue to wipe my bottom but then noticed it had a couple of small blood stains on the other side. My friend has full-blown AIDS and he must've dabbed...

Need to know what is happening to me .... I had a throat infection ( which i seem to get easily,don't know why ) ,took some Amoksiklav 2x 1000mg because that is what they usually give me , wasn't...

I had little bleeding while brushing. i have gigvitis. i kissed one girl . i dont know her HIV Status. it is not deep kiss. little sailva. will i get infected HIV.

Hello, I had unprotect sex several times, so I tested my blood for HIV. the result is just like this: (HIV 1&2 NON Reactive. Cutoff rate is 1.00. Equal to or more than cutoff is Reactive).wha...

I am a White, European who is HIV resistant. Can I donate stem cells to help an HIV infected person? I cannot find current research online. Except that only 1% of us are.

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