I have regular steaching of one side jaw in my mouth .but do not have any pain whats the reason

Red pimples scattered on top of my foot? I had alopecia and took steroid injections to my head for 1 year.

When I eat/use items containing Vitamin E I get a rash on the inside of my elbow. The skin becomes reddish and there are tiny red bumps. The more I eat/use the worse the rash is, a tiny bit doesn't...

I need help, I'm unable to sneeze , usually I sneeze regularly now I feel the sensation and desire to do it but something happens that doesn't allow met o complete it, and it is very frustrating an...

I broke out in red rashes all over my body except for my face and my knees to my ankles. I have been using prednozone , benadryl and anti itch creme for 1 and a half days. The rashes seem to be spr...

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