I have been scheduled for a drug allergy challenge involving acetaminophen. The center will not have a physician in the area but said there are 'fellows' and the hospital is close by. Why doesnt ...

Hi There, I am an alcoholic. I have been drinking for years heavily (vodka) and then switched to wine to try to tamper down. I ended up drinking a bottle of wine a day for the last few weeks. I ...

I am very allergic to shrimp. When a reaction starts I have a severe headache and am nausated and throw up 6-8 hours

I have gotten bites yesterday by a bug that I don't know and where i have the bite there is a huge tender to the touch red circle and i'm not sure how to treat it or if it is serious or not?

The problem: I recently went through the Cyber Knife procedure for prostate cancer, and was completely successful. The procedure ended in March 2016. My PSA is now 0.08. After the procedure, I ...

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