I'm just looking for info on some lab results. Below low ferratin levels. Low mcv,mch,mchc and high rdw levels mean.

Hello Dr actually I did marriage tests so I got a high level of hba2 : 7.5  so the hematologist told me that I have thalassemia minor as a carrier. but my fiancee had a little bit not obvious...

Hello Doctor I did a marriage test so it shows in the results that i have thalassemia minor as a carrier. But my fiancee had the results but the results were a little bit not obvious if she have i...

Hi, I have a history of low iron and borderline anemia, but it has been progressively worsening over the last year. 8 months ago i started taking folate per my dr, my folate levels rose off the ...

Wondering if you can tell me if lab results are norm for CBC w/diff

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