My 11 year old son has been suffering from nausea and severe lower right abdominal pain. One year ago he was hospitalized for the exact same thing, bloodwork, urine, ultrasound, ct scan all normal...


Help! I think I might have appendicitis! I'm only 13! My lower left abdomen is hurting.... At first it was in the middle but now it's more to the left.. any advice? I have already talked to my par...


I am having abdominal pain in my middle abdomen under my rib cage, and above my belly button - only on the left side. It increases after eating and when I take deep breaths. I have no heartburn...


I've been to the er already, they don't know what is causing the pain. I've had persistent pain in my right side for over a week now and I'm starting to get sick. What should I do now?


I am hungry but can't eat and when I do eat it is only a little. I am nauseated, experiencing a slight pain around my navel and my stool is like gel. I had my appendix removed over eight years.

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