Been having sharp pains right side under ribcage since sunday thought was related to the flu, it's continuous like a burning sharp pain what could it be


Male 20y, mild von willenbrands. Had an occurrence of near constant stomach cramps on wednesday night that worsened the following day. Pain was around the 4-6 range. Went to the doctor on thursday ...


I've had a dull almost tingling ache in my right side for two to three days now. It's fairly constant and it's just enough to have me worried. The pain does not get aggravated when I touch it or wh...


Hello, Last night at 3am I wokeup with abdominal pain (felt like gas pain), I went to the bathroom and the pain was slightly reduced. About 40 minutes later the pain woke me up again and I went...


14 year old still menstrual bleed after appendix surgery for over a month. She was on her period just before the surgery and is still bleeding after a month.

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