Hello, I'm a 22 years old male, and since about 60 hours ago I feel some mild sharp pains in my lower right abdomen. It's not very strong, so it doesn't cause me any problems in my everyday tasks. ...


I am checking this for my wife who is 30 years of age. She is having pcos for 2 years. Three days begore,just after her menstural cycle, she had pain in her right lower part of abdomen. After two d...


For the past few weeks I've been experiencing slight pains in my abdomen. They aren't extreme and usually go away withing a few minutes. I've done the rebound pain test for appendicitis but im just...


Hi, I had laparoscopy operation for appendicitis 4yrs back, now I feel pain in operated region due to indigestion of food and also vomiting, will appendix developed again


I went to the doctor yesterday for pain in my lower right abdomen. The doctor told me that it was either an Ovarian Cyst or Appendicitis. Is there any way that I can tell?

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