Need prescription refill, i ran out of my proair inhaler and need a new one, the weather has made my chest extra tight and need somnething

My chest feels like someone is pushing right in the middle. It hurts and I'm finding it painful to breathe. This has occurred before, but each time it lasts longer and is more painful. What do you ...

I wake up not being able to breath and i have to kinda gasp for air and afterward i have a tightness in my chest please help me!

I have a chronic cough. Before I start the cough my back gets really itchy. Every time. And then I need an inhaler. Never had asthma or any signs. Has been like this for 2 years Drs don't know wh...

I have asthma since childhood and using medicines since long time. Until recently i have no issues with my asthma and in control. Now i am in USA and i feel Chest tightening. I am using Montek LC t...

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