Hi I have nose block, chest seem blocking too I am unable to sleep whole night, Please help me urgently what symptom is is and how can we cure it ASAP


When I have a sore throat / nose virus It goes lower down into my respiratory system and I develop a terrible sea lion type cough with quite strong broncho spasm . At the clinic I'm treated with ...


I suffer from athletic asthma. I do not have an inhaler I have not found one that will work for me yet. Sometimes I feel dizzy, short of breath, chest pain, I feel like something heavy is on my che...


Hello, I'm a 25 y.o male (non-smoker). I wake up every morning with my throat having a tickle, inflamed or as if it's coated with something (mucus?), coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. I'v...


How often is it safe to use Albuterol nebulizer treatment I've had bronchitis and have allergies along with allergy induced asthma. And want to avoid ER

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