Atrial Fibrillation

I've been diagnosed with a-fib. I've had two operations; both cardio inversion & arterial ablation about 16 months ago, perhaps two months apart. I'm currently taking 40mg of amorodian 2X/day...

I had a recent friend pass away. here was 39. the cause of death was natural, however. it was associated with atrioventricular node artery. dysplasia, can u tell me what this means in laymen terms

How to treat Slow a fib rhythm. I'm a paramedic and I know how to treat a fast a fib (cardizem) but what about when you have a patient with a slow rate of 20-50

Do I have atrial fibrillation? I'm a 18 female, and I was wondering if I might have a heart condition of sorts? It all started around 2 months ago, I would be working at my job(movie theatre) and ...

Should waferin be prescribed to a man with severe eye problems & blindness. Takes lots of meds for eyes but otherwise in good health. Exercises on his bike everyday for 30 mins.

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