My brother is a 21-year old man with Autism. He had a cold and fever about a month ago. We started using over-the-counter medications such as Panadol and "Sedafone" and some coughing syru...

Hi, one of my classmates has a speech impediment and a lazy eye. he also has some strange behaviors. is he just a little odd or does he have autism or special needs?

I have Robertsonian Translocation. I was wondering what my risk is of having a baby with Downs Syndrome and miscarriage?

I was seen at er today because I couldnt breathe and had flu symptoms they put me out of work for 4 days I'm home now and can't breathe my chest is so heavy

My 6 yr old Autistic son has been on and off vomitting since 1040. He has no fever. He is always very pale but he seems more pale than normal his eyes seem sunken and dark. I can't get him to ea...

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