Back Pain

I get a sharp pain in my lower back near my spine when I try leaning backwards. It came on suddenly. I could do back bends before with no problem or pain. How do I get rid of this pain?


For about a month now, I have been having lower left back pain, that comes and goes. It almost feels like I am in labor again, it will hurt a couple of days, and then I will be pain free, and then ...


Hello, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I can't remember which type. But you cannot really tell I have it by looking at me. I have mild pain daily. It gets more severe if I stand or sit too long. It...


Can movement such as bending, twisting, or lifting trigger inflammation for herniated discs? Do herniated discs actually heal themselves?


I,ve had back problem n and off since my 3rd child, (7 years) i got my MRI results today stating,. "there is some straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis, aligement is otherwise preserved" " t...

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