Bed Bugs

Hi. I've recently been waking up with many bites all around my body. My apartment has been inspected for bed bugs and was cleared. The bites are significantly spreading I'm now bruising. What do yo...

I suddenly sit down in my room and I start to feel itchiness. When I check my arms and legs etc, I see really red bumps like bites and they are swollen and hurt. Can you please help me?

Hi my aunt has red bumps she says they hurt and they have pus and they feel hard. she feel weak and body keeps hurting this been going on for the past 3 years she hasnt paid much care but lately is...

My skin is under attack, how to get rid of the itchiness I feel under my skin?

Me and my 5 month old daughter have been dealing with scabies the past 3 months now, I have done multiple permithrin treatments on both of us but ut seems to do nothing, and I have cleaned so much,...

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