Bipolar Disorder

I feel like I've been misdiagnosed for years. I need a proper diagnosis of my Mental illness/Disorder - I'm leading towards something on the Autism Spectrum from my own researching

Taken 2 x 10mg Serapax and about 80mg of oxycodone, Just coming down after a 4 day intense mania (bipolar) and not feeling the best today. Got DVT in right leg and had chest xray to see if a clot h...

Hi i have bipola hypomaina , they have me on lithium ,750 at night and 500 in the day.... iv only had two episodes this time i was on lithum and the 1st one i was not and did not no what was happe...

I'm 14 and I think I'm Bi-Polar or OCD. I can't stand certain sounds like barking, tapping, dogs drinking water, whistling, ringing noises, I just get annoyed really fast.

I believe I may be Bi polar can you help me know for sure? I have Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression. The reason I believe is cause of the mood swings, increased sex drive and high and low engry m...

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