Bladder Cancer

My best friend’s father, Abdulla Ali, he is 73 years old until recently, he was healthy and not much medical history. Unfortunately, lately he has been informed by a few doctors from our to...

I want to know if my symptoms might suggest lymphoma or thyroid cancer. I am having a biopsy tomorrow and am curios if it matters which lymph node is extracted.

Male 61 yrs old - quick smoking 25 yrs ago - was light smoker before then. I had a case of gross hematuria with urination pain about five years ago. I didn't realize it could mean bladder cance...

52 year old female with lymphoma, recurrent UTI's, went to ER with gross hematuria. That was the second occurrence in a year and a half. Ultrasound showed "significant" bladder wall thick...

What is treatment of bladder cancer with best result except oncontise injection?

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