Bladder Infections

I'm a 32 year old male. I've been experiencing mild urinary retention for the past two weeks that came on suddenly. I gave a urine sample and ruled out bladder infection. The suspicion was prost...

I was really sick with a stomach bug last week, it really effected my bowels to put it nicely. So much so my butt hole actually hurt, I was using vassilen to help that. I figured it would go away b...

I have chronic bladder infection for 6 months. I prescribed pyridium I told one yesterday but I have been having really bad kidney pain and loss appetite and diarrhea what should I do

Son 32 has prostititus. Can marijuana use cause bladder infection or prostititus infection

Should I be concerned with a liver panel of an AST 23 and ALT 13. This would give me a 1.8 > AST /ALT which seems to be pointing to liver disease?

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