Bone Spurs

I got a Blood Test Report(C-Reactive Protein CRP)): C-Reactive Protein:138.09 mg/L RA Factor:10.0 IU/ml

Hard bump above heel that is very painfull, triede adrenocortical hormone twice now, only makes the pain go away for 3 months, then it will come back, and the bump doesnt go away..

I am 26+, female. I am having a painful swelling around my right wrist, resembling somewhat like a tumour. What can it be? What are the remedies?

My test result is ggt normal alp high . my bone has much pain. what is my body problem and what can i do to solve my problem?

I broke 3 ribs , the end off of 1 with fragments that I tried to brush off the film thinking it was dust. No pieces close to vital organs. 20 years later, could that injury be causing my pain. I th...

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