Breast Cancer

I am a 40 year old female with one sided breast pain, red and painful nipple and occasional nipple discharge (from both breasts). I had a mammogram and ultra sound 4 months ago with no significant...

I am having a rough white patch under tip of my right nipple

Cancer cells found via citologycal punction in axillary lymph nodes-left armpit. No carcinoma found on breast or anywhere lese but on the aforementioned notes- mammo, ultrasound, MR and PET scan p...

I have had a pimple like bump on my breast for about 7 months now. A thick white paste discharges from it and it smells bad, this morning it was red and sore, and from underneath it came puss, wh...

What causes anemia high platelets and bone pain and enlarged axillary lymph nodes?

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