I hurt it in practice (softball), but it didn't effect me as much. Afterwards I went to the mall and it seemed fine. Now that I'm home it hurts to put pressure on when I walk on it. There's no ki...


Hi, my wrist has been bothering me. It was twisted during an argument and it is purple- looking in one spot by my bone under my thumb. If I roll it the wrong way, sometimes there is a lump.


I fell and hit my head on a concrete floor this resulted in a large lump(assumed Hemotoma) and a cut to the left side of my fore head and substantial bruising to my face I'm wondering wether or not...


Slipped on the ice in a parking lot. Landed on my arm. Now I have a hard bump on my bone on the elbow to wrist. wonder ing if it could be a fracture? Broken or bruised? Should I go get xray?


I have just had a door slammed on my fingers causing them to be jammed. There isn't much pain except a slight shooting pain and I can bend them but do you think they may be broke.

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