I accidentally burned my fingers with compressed air can liquid. I washed my fingers with soap and water. There was a bit of a stinging feeling, but there is no pain right now. The skin on my finge...

The skin under my armpit is peeling off and it itches also burns whats going on ??

Hey i was playing with gasoloine trying to burn a creepy doll and i burrned my fingers washed with soap and water amd put burn spray and pain ointmert should i head to the er still burns like hell

Hi a few days ago i sprayed my arm with compressed air.It was very cold and was irritating. After some time it passed.Then it turned black around the affected area. Today after my shower i saw that...

I used a hair removal cream and while wiping I accidentally got some on the inside of my vaginal lips. I showered and rinsed it all out but the contact with water stung and it burns really badly wh...

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