One year ago my boyfriend had black, stringy discharge that came from his penis for one day. He had burning on urination for one day as well. He said it was because he got soap in his urethra. Sinc...

Hamstring strain 5 days ago. Bruising along back of leg. How lon it take for bruising to go away? It is 100 degrees evary day right now. Need to wear shorts. Also it is just sore sore sore. I can ...

Over the last 2 weeks I have had heartburn from eating spicy foods. Can you tell me what is the best way to avoid getting heartburn while still having spicy food?

I have just had an endoscopy with negative results given a prescription for sucralfate 1 g also dexilant

I was doing rope throws (you jerk a heavy rope wrapped around a pole up and down in front of you). A muscle that started at my upper butt on my middle left side suddenly "released", kind ...

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