My Chloride level is at 100 Creatinine is at 1.31 Glucose at 119 Hemoglobin A1C at 5.7 MDRD (NON African) at 40 I'm 71 and a white female

At recent checkup my doctor ran immunoglobulin test. I am 50. We discussed how over the years I get odd infections. Pink eye, hand - foot - mouth, shingles, sinusitis. They came back IgM .55 ( ref...

Are these results concerning? They were taken in the middle of a 5 day illness while I had a fever. Any indication of any type of cancer? I have been having right hand pain and bilateral thigh pain...

Do I have abdominal cancer, a severe ulcer, or something else?

Hello, I have a really strange and very embarrassing problem. I am obsessed with my long term health and particularly in relation to a sunburn I got over the course of 2 consecutive days in the ...

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