Canker Sores

I have a pretty bad breakout of canker sores right now. Is it typical for them also the spread on the top of my throat? I'm having a good amount of throat pain and difficulty swallowing

I've recently been struck by some form of tonsillitis, but tested negative for mono and strep (with the 20 minute, quick strep test). The doctor took a swab of my throat to do a culture test on whe...

I think im having cold/canker sore.. its been 2 weeks since my lips is itchy, have little wounds around the lips. what should i do?

I just met a women sept 2 or 3rd and we had some oral sex....she squirted by mistake while I was doing oral sex......within a week I got 2 canker soar in my mouth 1 then another. About 2 weeks late...

Is this a canker sore

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