Canker Sores

My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter has had 6 canker sores in the past 2 months. The pediatrician wasn't concerned at a check up last month. But she now has 2 sores. Last week the dad had test resul...

I have this canker sore for past 4-5 days and I decided to apply Alum on it. Right now that part of my lip is completely swollen and in pain. Can you help?

I have this white line inside my upper lip, earlier it was kinda yellow, now it's pure white, do you have any idea what this could be. It looks like a slash, it's a straight thin line, it wasn't th...

Hi im 15 year old boy, and i have a like A red bump on the floor of my tounge,i would like to know what could it be,is it dangerous, and how can i cure it.

I am prone to canker sores. I have them now in my mouth and on the sides of my tongue. Only this time, upon examining my tongue, I felt a lump under my tongue on the right side of my tongue. it ...

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