Cardio Fitness

I have been a runner for 18 years. Within the past year I have found it increasingly difficult to breath while running. Now am able to only run a short distance before stopping. Am 66 years old and...

I am an endorphin addict, and I've just had open reduction internal fixation surgery on my right (dominant) distal radius. My doctor informs me that I cannot exercise again until he personally rem...

Hi :), my friend has been experiencing an increase in her heartbeat at night while trying to fall asleep (it's not a negligible increase, she feels it and it's hard for her to fall asleep). She's r...

Last Wednesday I got a pacemaker and need to know if I can use my Nebulizer?

My colestrol level is 240, can i use fenoget (fenofibrate) or suggest some better medicine. My BP is also high about 140

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