Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I have small fiber neuropothy pain severe in groin area both legs down to my knees. What kind of doctor or help for treatment thereof will help me..

Does this sound like carpal tunnel? I've had a pain in both of my wrists for over a year and it never seemed bad enough that I needed to go to the doctor. But recently they've been a lot worse. The...

I've had tingling/numbness in my thumb & pointer finger on m y right hand all day. I am right handed. Its not unbearable, but annoying and I am a hairstylist for a living....Should I be concern...

I am 16 and I've been having pain in my arms that has been going on for a few days and I dont know if its something I should be worried about

I have tingling in my hands and feet developing recently which was preceded by a year of surging pulse in my body. Is this a heart problem or something else?

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