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Celiac Disease

You are the i had taken Celebrex for two days and then switched to naproxen 20 hours ago. I topo 2 doses of ,400 mg naproxen plus Prilosec. The last dose of the two was 8 hours ago. My stomach fee...

4.5 years ago I tested positive for Celiac Disease. Transglutaminase IgA >100 (Reference 400 (Positive >30) Gliadin IgG 139.0 ( >30 Positive). I had no symptoms aside from being tired and...

So I had an abnormally large poop after an enema loosened it, to let it come out. After I passed this poop around 30 min I have had mucus discharge come out of my rectum with a very small amount of...

Am I gluten intolerant? I tried gluten free bread and felt nauseous afterwards, dreadful stomach cramps and limited bell movement thereafter.

Hello, I have been eating healthier and have cut out sweets and wheat out of my diet. This morning, I ate a chocolate croissant and experienced stomach cramping soon after. I also became light head...

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