Chest Pain

Constant gas in the last couple of days, no stomach pains except mild discomfort of trapped gas in the chest area (left, center and right). I wear a holter monitor as part of my 30 day study as I h...

I am a 29 year old, female runner. I have been having chest pain on the left side, as well as an irregular pulse and some lightheadedness after exercise. The chest pain is nearly constant though, a...

I have discomfort in my chest, not really sure if im over thinking it or if i should get help

Dear Doctor, during the past two months or so I keep having a reoccurring pain. it's a sharp pain that starts in my left ear normally, moves to my right ear, then down to the right side of my chest...

I feel like my lungs are swollen and they feel sore. It also hurts to breathe, especially when I take deep breaths and sit up or move at all. Any idea what is is and/or see a doctor.

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