Chest Pain

What does it mean when you feel small pains in the upper left side of your chest?


For about 4 years I have had a mild dull ache chest pain under my left ribcage about 3 inches from the bottom rib on the left side. 2 years ago I could only feel the pain when I was driving my car ...


My chest really hurts i was wordering if you could give me some pointers on how to stop it from hurting


I went out with friends and had a beer, sevreal hours latter I began to have really bad chest pains that spread to my arms and I had to take some oxycodin to make it manable. ( still woke with shar...


Hello. I was in the ER Thursday night for unexplained chest and rib (lung?) pain. The pain started Wednesday evening 30 mins after doing some stretching (no pain was felt during the stretching). T...

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