Chicken Pox

I just received the smallpox vaccination, I want to be rid of it because I have a three day ruck event coming that I can't miss and don't want the virus to spread. How do I rid of it?

I have this dry ashy sometimes itchy dark spot on the side of my left knee idk what it is I need help to get rid of it. I also have this similar dark on below my chest on the right side and its mor...

I am 22, I have Cerebral Palsy and I've never had chickenpox. On 19th March I came into contact with my godson and he was at my house for about an hour. Then on 24th March he developed the chicken...

Rash similar to chicken pox on the body. Mostly on chest and stomach. Started on Wednesday night on my stomach and chest. It is now spreading to my arms. I have attached photos I take atenolol ...

If the babysitters brother has chicken pox but she has already had it long ago and my daughter has been vaccinated can my daughter get it from the sitter

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