Child Development

I am seeing flashing lights in my eye, and I dont know if it will even disappear sometime. I would like to seek help. I am only 11 year old and I can't really pay to do it. I live in israel.

Do SSRIs stunt children's growth and development? Here are 2 studies: And here is a Reddit post with pe...

My two year old isnt talking yet, she understands phrases and commands i tell her to do like sit down. Close the door, give it to me but she is not saying words. She sings all the rhymes and knows ...

I'm a teenager and my bones keep popping and cracking, especially in my knees and back, does this mean I'm hitting a growth spurt ?

Hey is there any way for me to tell if I finished growing ,or if I have some growth left just by looking at myself physically without taking an x-ray.

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