Child Development

I'm a teenager and my bones keep popping and cracking, especially in my knees and back, does this mean I'm hitting a growth spurt ?

Hey is there any way for me to tell if I finished growing ,or if I have some growth left just by looking at myself physically without taking an x-ray.

My 12 year old daughter has been having lower abdominal pain for a couple months. It comes and goes. We have monitored food and ruled out lactose and gluten intolerance. She gets real tired and he...

I'm a 13-year old girl and am 5ft and 85lbs. My mom is 5'5 & my dad is 5'9. I got my period at 13, it's very irregular. I have grown about 2-3 inches in the last two years. I am just wondering ...

I am a 18 years old, and want to know if I will be 6'0 or taller. Right now i'm 5'8 and I am taller than my dad, but me and my mom are the same height. My growth plates haven't closed yet, and I h...

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